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Sauerkraut Balls

There is  a special place in our hearts for sauerkraut balls. No one makes as many, or makes them better.  Our Bunny B Sauerkraut Ball was voted Akron Ohio's favorite snack food in a leading newspaper’s independent poll. 
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Connoisseur Sauerkraut Balls
Made with quality ham, sauerkraut, mustard, Tabasco, smoke flavoring and seasonings, they have a light texture and taste.  Our best seller in casual and fine dining establishments.  They're perfect for any type of menu.  Serve with a variety of mustards, or zesty horseradish sauce.
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Bunny "B" Sauerkraut Balls
The original and most widely recognized recipe.  Made with quality ham, sauerkraut, beef base, Worcestershire, soy, mixed with special seasonings and a unique crispy breading.  Serve with ranch dressing or a variety of different mustards.
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Habanero Snack Bites
This hot bite is made with the same quality ham and sauerkraut as our other sauerkraut balls with the addition of Habanero pepper flakes to give it a unique flavor and zing.  Great for restaurants, bars, parties or catered affair.  Serve it with sour cream, salsa or your favorite sauce.

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